One of the most cost effective steps to reduce heating costs is to upgrade your attic insulation. Upgrading your insulation translates into a cosier home for your family in the winter, a cooler home to enjoy in the summer, a longer life for your roof and shingles, and lower gas bills.

When selecting the right insulation for your attic, factors to consider include: performance; fire retardant capabilities; sound control; and value. In addition to delivering the highest of these standards, blown-in cellulose is one of the world’s “greenest” building products. Blown-in cellulose is the insulation of choice in today’s market.

Aaron has mastered the technique of proper cellulose application. Please call Aaron for a free quote.


The majority of existing attic insulation can simply be blown over with new insulation. This is the most cost effective way to upgrade your attic.

However, removal may be needed in the following instances:

  • Ceiling Renovations
  • Damage to existing insulation
  • Attic requires all new insulation to increase allowable R Value

Atlas Insulation Ltd. will professionally remove and dispose of unwanted insulation.


Atlas Insulation Ltd. is experienced with a variety of wall insulation applications. From batt insulation to Net Zero blown insulation, Atlas is a sound choice for a professionally insulated wall. Our techniques ensure an air-tight seal, resulting in maximum insulation performance.


Ventilation is the airflow throughout your attic space. Soffit vents provide an inflow of cool outside air, while turbine vents are responsible for the removal of hot attic air. Proper ventilation is having a balance between the inflow of cool air and the outflow of hot air. When in balance, the efficiency of your attic insulation is maximized.


SOFFIT VENTS are air intake vents along the eaves of your home. They provide an inflow of outside air throughout your attic space.

BAFFLES, or insulation “stops” are installed wherever daylight is seen at the soffit edge. Baffles prevent the insulation from blocking the soffit vents.

STANDARD ROOF VENTS are cool air intake vents that can be installed almost anywhere on your roof. They are designed to provide an inflow of air.

WIND TURBINE VENTILATORS (WHIRLYBIRDS™) are free spinning vents which can be installed almost anywhere on your roof. They draw out the humid, hot air from your attic space.